Oregon State Licensed

Cannabis Extract & Edible Processor

We specialize in the production of high terpene expression and retention extracts, infused honey edibles and apitherapeutical-cannabinoid products.

Echo Electuary

a skillful union of art and science

it is our pleasure to provide exceptional cannabis experiences to all.

From a land flowing with cannabis and honey

Inspired by the historical electuary, a medicinal preparation of healing herbs and honey to be licked by the tongue, Echo Electuaries are contemporary adaptations that craft only the most cared for, vibrant and local ingredients available. 



Extracts offer the unique opportunity to taste discernable flavor profiles in each strain. Vapor inhalation provides direct onset of physiological and psychotropic response.

Echo Electuary Cannabis Infused Honey


The benefits of Cannabis extend beyond vapor, Cannabinoids and Terpenes are accessible in healthy and discreet sublingual options. Edibles offer an efficient method of delivering dosage.


We're busy Bees at Echo Electuary. Don't miss a single buzz, and see what we're up to!

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