Extract Categories

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Terps on the Rocks

Medium To Large Faceted THCA Crystals

5-15% Terpenes

Nectar Slushie

Microcrystalline THCA Drenched In 15-25% Terpenes


High Terpene Extract Liquid 20%+ Terpenes


Medium To Fine THCA Crystals in Terpene Pool, 5-15% Terpenes


Pure Crystalline THCA
95%+ THCA
<3% Terpenes


Spreadable Paste Very Easy To Use 7-12% Terpenes


Microcrystalline THCA with Light Terpene Coating, 5-9% Terpenes


Soft sappy
<14% terpenes

Pull N Snap

Soft Stable
5-8% Terpenes

Nectar Carts

UnHeated Raw THCA Nectar In Glass CCELL Cartridges. 

50 : 50 Carts

50% Nectar
50% Distillate
In Glass CCELL Cartridges.


Stable Glass-Like <5% Terpenes

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