3 to the bees

3% Of Company Profit Goes to the Bees!

Bees are a keystone species in surviving ecosystems, fostering biodiversity, soil health and humanity’s quality of life. Habitat destruction, pesticide use, transmitted diseases, human apathy; these negative behaviors threaten all pollinators worldwide. Modern agriculture majorly contributes to their decline yet is supplemented by vital pollination services. Cannabis is a modern agricultural leader and Echo Electuary is committed to:

  • Improving honey bee health 

  • Preserving and restoring native bee and pollinators habitat

  • Promoting agroecosystem diversity

It is our responsibility to make the business of Cannabis and Apiculture an example for how it is possible to grow in harmony with nature, respecting all life around us and making the environment better than we came to it. We pledge allegiance to the bees and will annually donate 3% of total company profits back to efforts that support the greater pollinator community.

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